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TopSchool is our product especially designed for schools. Considering the expansive operations of a school, TopSchool covers administrative, classroom and all the allied activities.
Prisms Attendance and Identification System (PAIS)
Taking school attendance is a tedious job and it is always subject to manual errors. PAIS is a system that centralises this process with the use of sophisticated technology. We provide an all inclusive service that has several quality features inherent in it.
SmartSchool Tutor
SmartSchool Tutor is digital learning modules packaged in USB and SD Cards. Naturally, this becomes an offline service that schools and parents can use for effectively emphasise and elaborate what has been learnt in the classroom.
TopClass is a Coaching Class Information and Management System. TopClass covers administrative and parent-teacher communication activities.
For colleges. Fostering interaction. Its a college information and management system providing a web-based as well as mobile app portal for admin, teachers and students.
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- Academic Heights Public School

I congratulate Prisms for providing this unique service to schools. I can connect with my child, I can talk to his teachers and I can track his progress in school, right from my workplace.


- Challenger Public School

Easy to access, establishes quick connection with parents and they have a fantastic support team. TopSchool has reduced my efforts and made work much easier.


- Nav Krishna Valley School

The software not only helps us deal with parents, students and teachers more efficiently but we are able to save precious time, thereby increasing their productivity.

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