RFID Cards Priniting

RFID Card Printing
  • With RFID Attendance,Students and Staff Attendance will be done through biometric Machine.
  • Attendance can be marked either through RFID Card or Finger Print.
  • Attendance marked will be reflected on TopSchool Portal in real-time.
  • Parents will be notified in real time about the card punched through notification on Mobile App.
  • Staff Attendance Linked to Payroll and Leave Management.


Sr.No Item Quantity
1 RFID Machine with Finger Print Reader 1 Machine every 250 Students
2 e-ID Cards inclusive of RF Card + Card Printing (both Side) + Lenyard + Card Holder Included
3 App Notification to Parent of In & Out Included
4 Absent SMS Included
5 Related Software & Reports Included
6 Staff Attendance Reports Included
7 Support Included

RFID Auto Attendance System