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Prisms is a firm developing resource planning (ERP) software for educational institutes. Through innovative and inclusive use of technology, we aim at connecting parents, teachers and the school administration. The distinct features of our products can be used flexibly – through different web interfaces and through Android apps on your Smartphone.

Founded in the year 2012, Prisms envisions to bring together all the activities in an educational institute in a single ecosystem. Our products promise to facilitate smoother functioning of academic operations – from classroom timetables to attendance to results processing. An integral platform not only makes communication simpler but also keeps every stakeholder alert about relevant details.

As teachers, you save time on repetitive classroom activities to gain efficient outputs. As parents, you are aware of every activity of your pupil. And as an institute, you make HR and infrastructure management simple. Prisms looks forward to connect you through an agile mechanism. Improving ourselves, all the while.

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