Auto Attendance – PAIS

Prisms Attendance and Identification System (PAIS)
Taking school attendance is a tedious job and it is always subject to manual errors. PAIS is a system that centralises this process with the use of sophisticated technology. We provide an all inclusive service that has several quality features inherent in it.
Centralised Process, backed by Technology
Centralised Process, backed by Technology
Attendance is captured through an RFID based system, as every student enters the school. This saves valuable time in the classroom and it creates a central database of the attendance records. It brings in tremendous accuracy and enhances the efficiency of the system through methodical data processing.
Installation and Printing of RFID Cards
Installation and Printing of RFID Cards
We install the punching machines at the right spot, so that every student finds it at the entrance point. We also meticulously list down each student of the school and issue an RFID card. This brings in a consistency that’s crucial for the system.
Report Generation and Integration with TopSchool
Report Generation and Integration with TopSchool
The well-sorted database serves to be the base for elaborate and precise report generation. The school remains accountable to any government requirement. A further advantage can be derived when PAIS is integrated with TopSchool. The attendance reports can then be merged with several other variants. PAIS can however also be independently installed.

Auto Attendance System

Proposal for Auto Attendance System for Students and Staff.

With RFID Attendance; Students and Staff Attendance will be done through biometric Machine .

Attendance can be marked either through RFID Card or Finger Print .

Attendance marked will be reflected on TopSchool Portal in real-time .

Parents will be notified in real time about the card punched through notification on Mobile App.

Staff Attendance Linked to Payroll and Leave Management.


Sr.No Item Quantity
1 RFID Machine with Finger Print Reader 1 Machine every 250 Students
2 e-ID Cards inclusive of RF Card + Card Printing (both Side) + Lenyard + Card Holder Included
3 App Notification to Parent of In & Out Included
4 Absent SMS Included
5 Related Software & Reports Included
6 Staff Attendance Reports Included
7 Support Included

Auto Attendance System