From our inception, we believe in taking education to the next level. The more sorted it gets, the more is its output.
Technological Sophistication
Along with bringing school and college lessons on your laptop/mobile screens, we make it easily accessible through cloud
Cost Effective
The system requires no added infrastructure. Within the existing network of computers and smart phones, you get a much more efficient and prompt service
Peace of Mind
As parents and even as teachers, you know your pupil’s whereabouts and can easily trace the curve of his/her growth
Our Products
TopSchool is our product especially designed for schools. Considering the expansive operations of a school, TopSchool covers administrative, classroom and all the allied activities. The features include:
TopSchool - ERP for School
TopSchool is our product especially designed for schools. Considering the expansive operations of a school, TopSchool covers administrative, classroom and all the allied activities.
TopClass - ERP for Class
TopClass is Coaching Class Information and Management System. TopClass covers administrative and parent-teacher communication activities.
Cospace - ERP for College
For colleges. Fostering interaction. Its a college information and management system providing a web-based as well as mobile app portal for admin, teachers and students.
Auto Attendance (PAIS)
Taking school attendance is a tedious job and it is always subject to manual errors. PAIS is a system that centralises this process with the use of sophisticated technology. We provide an all inclusive service that has several quality features inherent in it.
Digital Classroom
Digital Classroom is digital learning modules packaged in USB and SD Cards. Naturally, this becomes an offline service that schools and parents can use for effectively emphasize and elaborate on what has been learned in the classroom.
Staff Biometric Attendance
Attendance and leaves recorded using biometric devices mean that your employees cannot manipulate their data for overtime to earn extra money, lunchtime/breaks, holidays, and leaves. A biometric attendance system helps you to easily keep a tab on employee activities.
RFID Cards Priniting
With RFID Attendance, Students and Staff Attendance will be done through biometric Machine. Attendance can be marked either through RFID Card or FingerPrint. Attendance marked will be reflected on the TopSchool Portal in real-time. Parents will be notified in real time about the card punched through a notification on Mobile App.
Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking Devices deliver real time information of location, activity and mobile inventory of your vehicles to improve business performance and customer service. GPS Tracking devices also provide valuable protections in the event of vehicle theft and recovery.
Gate Auto Attendance
Long Range Attendance gate. RFID Based Automatic School Attendance Gate. Parents get an instant SMS Notification through integrated Automatic SMS on their mobile phones as soon as their child Enters/Exits the school. Children are given RFID Based I-Cards. When Student walks through the gate, attendance will be marked and automatic SMS will be generated & sent to Parents.
College Biometric Attendance
College attendance systems have been introduced in the market to track the attendance of the students. With the introduction of college attendance system, skipping classes have become difficult for the students. Few examples of college attendance systems are RFID attendance systems, punch card attendance systems, swipe card attendance systems, biometric attendance systems, etc.
Online Quiz
Online Quiz can be created through Portal or send us the questions we will create the test. As soon as the quiz is submitted Students will get a complete analysis of the test appeared. Admin, we will get a complete report of all the Students, Marks Secured by each Student. All things are done automatically, no Manual Tasks to be done.
Powerclub - ERP for Gyms & Clubs
Power club allows a user to manage their multiple health-club with a single instance of a power club. Immediate sales/collection across different clubs are easily available to the user. It helps in leveraging the same staff for multiple clubs resulting in optimal saving and multiple profits. Its also provides a complete solution to manage your Health Club.
Our Services
Always give people more than they expect to get.
Start-Up Assistance
When you have an idea, it needs the right direction to grow. We not just give you that direction but also help you with an all-inclusive technology partnership. Through our own experience, we know every step of the journey of a start-up. Our consultancy makes your job easier and our technology assistance keeps you with the times.
Web Applications
Your online presence gets doubly important when you carry out business operations through your website. We develop web applications loaded with functionalities vital to your business. Be it an e-commerce website or a listing portal, we make interactions and transaction with your clients smoother.
Mobile Applications
Mobile apps give you accessibility and widen your reach beyond the set horizons. We accelerate your growth through apps that are adequate in technology and simple in functionality. Compatible across platforms, they prove to be the tools that facilitate enterprise growth.
Customized ERP solutions
We configure the ERP software with specific roles, business intelligence, fields, modifications, enhancement of interfaces and addition of specific fields and more. Our configurations ensure each new role is optimized for a competitive edge against other businesses.
Customized CRM solutions
A full-featured and customize CRM software development solution helps to cover various customer touchpoints and offers customized functionalities that match your business requirements.
Cloud Consulting
We can help you with your AWS or Google Cloud server setup and maintenance Cloud Consulting Services can help you make your business-critical applications ready for the cloud.
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