Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

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It is a search engine algorithm used by google which was introduced in September 2013. It focuses on meaning “precise and fast”.  It is latest and the greatest.

Danny Sullivan said of Hummingbird, “Google said that Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query, ensuring that the whole query — the whole sentence or conversation or meaning — is taken into account.”

Michelle Hill said Hummingbird is about “understanding intent”.

Steve Masters wrote, “The Hummingbird approach should be inspirational to anyone managing and planning content — if you aren’t already thinking like Hummingbird, you should be. In a nutshell, think about why people are looking for something rather than what they are looking for. A content strategy should be designed to answer their needs, not just provide them with facts.”

So, does everything change? No. This algorithm still means :

  • Content should be original and engaging.
  • Back links are still important as they were before.
  • You still need to place the keywords carefully.

The only thing changed is google’s noticeable way towards every word. So hummingbird is really very smart than “Panda”.

So here’s how google’s hummingbird algorithm works.You type a query into search engine. Hummingbird starts its work by literally meaning of your keywords. Then what you get on your google page is information graph.

What are information / knowledge graphs?



or this.


So no matter how much great content you have on your website, person will get information on first page only. He doesn’t need to open any website. So in short it is a people pleaser algorithm.

But question remains, how can we take advantage of this algorithm? Here’s the answer.

  • Website should have proper expertise.
  • Should give opportunities to introduce long tailed keywords.
  • Video’s are still trending.
  • Use infographics.
  • Keep your content original and updating.

Have a happy coding.


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